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Fear On The Phantom Special

Fear On The Phantom Special (Audio CD)

Author: Edward Marston

Read by: Gordon Griffin

Halloween 1861. A special train with two carriages steams across the Lake District at night on its way to a place notorious for its record of supernatural incidents. Lighting inside the carriages is poor and without warning, the lamp goes out in the last compartment of the second carriage, plunging it into darkness. When the special reaches the end of its journey, the passengers pour out on to the station platform. There are almost 60 of them in all, laughing and jostling. The prevailing excitement is shattered by a cry ?- a dead body has been discovered in the seats. This will prove to be a very puzzling new case for the Railway Detective.

Part of the Inspector Robert Colbeck series.

Full Product Description

Title Fear On The Phantom Special
Author Edward Marston
Narrator Gordon Griffin
Media Audio CD
Genre Mystery
ISBN 9781407983417
Published 01-12-2019
Stock In stock