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Reflections (Hardcover)

Author: Marcia Willett


After her husband dies, Cara impulsively sells their London home and goes to stay with her brother in Devon. There, she begins to look back on her life while planning her next move. Cosmo has temporarily escaped the city, finding the south-west a relaxing and appealing fit, especially when he meets local girl Amy. But is he being truthful about what he's left behind? Graduate Sam is set to follow in his naval father's footsteps, but despite his secure future he feels cast adrift. Forging a bond across generations, can he and Cara help each other find the way to a new, happy chapter? Reflections ebb and flow as the estuary meets the sea...and Cara, Cosmo and Sam learn that for everything lost, there is something to be gained.

Full Product Description

Title Reflections
Author Marcia Willett
Media Hardcover
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781785418006
Published 01-12-2019
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