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The Housekeeper's Daughter

The Housekeeper's Daughter (Hardcover)

Author: Rosie Meddon


Kate Bratton dreams of more. It's 1914, and her life is mapped out ahead of her: continue working as a maid in the beautiful Woodicombe House, settle down with Luke the gardener and, of course, start a family. Desperate to run away in search of adventure, Kate's plans are curtailed by the arrival of the Russell family at Woodicombe House. Tasked with becoming a lady's maid for their daughter, Naomi, Kate gets a glimpse of the other side of life. Will she return to the safety of her life before, or will the handsome Ned Russell turn her head?

Part of the The Woodicombe House Saga Trilogy series.

Full Product Description

Title The Housekeeper's Daughter
Author Rosie Meddon
Media Hardcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750547512
Published 01-07-2019
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