A Ration Book Christmas

A Ration Book Christmas (Softcover)

Author: Jean Fullerton


Christmas is approaching and the Brogan family of London's East End are braving the horrors of the Blitz. With the men away fighting for King and Country and the ever-present danger of the Luftwaffe's nightly reign of death and destruction, the family must keep a stiff upper lip. For Jo, the youngest of the Brogan sisters, the war offers new-found freedom and a chance for romance. But as the bombs continue falling and rationing begins to bite, will the Brogans manage to pull together a traditional family Christmas? And will Jo find the love she longs for?

Part of the Ration Book Series series.

Full Product Description

Title A Ration Book Christmas
Author Jean Fullerton
Media Softcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750547666
Published 01-12-2019
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