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A Life Of Secrets

A Life Of Secrets (Hardcover)

Author: Margaret Kaine


Deploring social injustice, Lady Deborah Claremont opens a staff agency, concealing the fact that she's a member of the aristocracy. But Deborah has become accustomed to keeping secrets. It began eight years ago in 1918 when her dashing French lieutenant was tragically killed. Amid an undercurrent of social unrest and with the General Strike looming ahead, Deborah meets two very different men, handsome Theodore Field, MP and the charismatic union firebrand Evan Morgan. Deborah is torn between her feelings for Theo and the magnetism between herself and Evan. But then she is astounded by a mystery, one she is desperate to solve. And when its explosive secret is revealed, she discovers that she has been both manipulated and betrayed...

Full Product Description

Title A Life Of Secrets
Author Margaret Kaine
Media Hardcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750548236
Published 01-08-2020
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