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A Daughter's Promise
Releases on 1st October, 2020

A Daughter's Promise (Hardcover)

Author: Lynette Rees


London, 1888: Eighteen-year-old seamstress Kathryn Flynn lives in Whitechapel, London, struggling to support her widowed mother and younger siblings. But when her work starts drying up and her mother falls ill, she is forced to consider desperate measures. Then she meets Squire, an older city gentleman; and claiming to be Miss Bella Cartwright, she attempts to draw some charity from him as he buys her a drink. Squire has an offer for her: work in the West End, where he would take her under his wing and she could have the life she's always wanted - plenty of money, gifts of fancy dresses, the companionship of people of means - and never have to sew again. But is there something darker lurking beneath his kindness?

Full Product Description

Title A Daughter's Promise
Author Lynette Rees
Media Hardcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750548267
Published 01-10-2020
Stock In stock on 1st October 2020