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The Tuppenny Child
Releases on 1st October, 2020

The Tuppenny Child (Hardcover)

Author: Glenda Young


Sadie Linthorpe is the talk of Ryhope when she arrives there, age seventeen, alone, seeking work and a home in the pit village. But Sadie is keeping a secret - she is searching for her baby girl, who was taken from her at birth a year ago and cruelly sold by the child's grandmother. All that Sadie knows about the family who took her daughter is that they live in Ryhope. And the only thing she knows about her daughter is that when the baby was born, she had a birthmark on one shoulder that resembled a tiny ladybird. But as Sadie's quest begins, a visitor from her past appears - one who could jeopardise the life she's beginning to build and ruin her chances of finding her beloved child forever...

Full Product Description

Title The Tuppenny Child
Author Glenda Young
Media Hardcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750548328
Published 01-10-2020
Stock In stock on 1st October 2020