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Front Line Nurse
Releases on 1st October, 2020

Front Line Nurse (Hardcover)

Author: Rosie James


Angelina Green never knew her mother, who left her in a cardboard box by the East London docks on a freezing November night when she was a tiny baby. Saved by a local orphanage, she knows she owes her life to the kindness of others. And she's determined to repay her debt by working as a nurse. Strong, kind and patient, Angelina is a natural on the ward. In the depths of WWI, however, more nurses are needed, and so Angelina is soon on her way to France - but when she arrives, her courage is tested like never before. As war rages around her, a chance meeting with a familiar soldier sends Angelina's whole world into turmoil. Can she hold her nerve, save the men - and protect her heart?

Full Product Description

Title Front Line Nurse
Author Rosie James
Media Hardcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750548359
Published 01-10-2020
Stock In stock on 1st October 2020