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It Walks By Night
Releases on 1st October, 2020

It Walks By Night (Audio CD)

Author: John Dickson Carr

Read by: John Telfer

In the smoke-wreathed gloom of a Parisian salon, Detective Bencolin has summoned his allies to discuss a peculiar case. A would-be murderer, imprisoned for his attempt to kill his wife, has escaped and is known to have visited a plastic surgeon. His whereabouts remain a mystery, though with his former wife poised to marry another, Bencolin predicts his return. Sure enough, the detective's worst suspicions are realised when the beheaded body of the new suitor is discovered in a locked room of the salon, with no apparent exit. Bencolin sets off into the Parisian night to unravel the dumbfounding mystery and track down the sadistic killer.

Full Product Description

Title It Walks By Night
Author John Dickson Carr
Narrator John Telfer
Media Audio CD
Genre Crime
ISBN 9781407986579
Published 01-10-2020
Stock In stock on 1st October 2020