Gentle Johnny Ramensky

Gentle Johnny Ramensky (Softcover)

Author: Robert Jeffrey


Johnny Ramensky was notorious for being the foremost safe blower of his era. His tough upbringing in the Gorbals was followed by a life of crime and years in jail, but his expertise in explosives gave him a chance to serve his country. When the Second World War broke out, Ramensky joined the elite Commandos. Time after time he would show exceptional bravery as he was parachuted behind enemy lines. He would blow open the safes of the German High Command to secure documents vital to the war effort. Ramensky was an extraordinary man, criminal and war hero, who wore the Green Beret with pride.

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Title Gentle Johnny Ramensky
Author Robert Jeffrey
Media Softcover
Genre True Crime
ISBN 9781444811018
Published 01-05-2012
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