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The Museum Of Things Left Behind

The Museum Of Things Left Behind (Hardcover)

Author: Seni Glaister


Vallerosa is every tourist's dream - a tiny, picturesque country surrounded by lush valleys and verdant mountains; a place sheltered from modern life and the rampant march of capitalism. But in their isolation, the locals have grown cranky, unfulfilled and disaffected. In the presidential palace, hostile Americans, wise to the country's financial potential, are circling like sharks Can the town's clock be fixed? Can the rival bar owners be reconciled? And just who is the feisty young woman who arrives one day in Vallerosa, determined to see the good in everything? Is she the foreign dignitary the country has been expecting, or just a well-meaning English girl on her gap year? Most importantly, might she be the agent of change and rejuvenation this broken idyll is crying out for?

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Title The Museum Of Things Left Behind
Author Seni Glaister
Media Hardcover
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781444830323
Published 01-11-2016
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