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A Brush With Death

A Brush With Death (Hardcover)

Author: Ali Carter


ONE CHEEKY WINK AND LORD GREENGRASS WAS FLAT OUT ON THE GROUND, DELIRIOUSLY GASPING FOR LIFE, HIS EYES FLICKERING WITH A SPARKLE OF HOPE THAT THE SHADOW ON THE WALL HAD COME TO HELP... In the village of Spire, murder is afoot. Rich landowner Alexander, 9th Earl of Greengrass, is caught with his trousers down in the village graveyard before meeting a gruesome end. Luckily, Susie Mahl happens to be on hand. With her artist's eye for detail and her curious nature, she is soon on the scent of the murderer...

Part of the The Susie Mahl Series series.

Full Product Description

Title A Brush With Death
Author Ali Carter
Media Hardcover
Genre Mystery
ISBN 9781444839913
Published 01-02-2019
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