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Battered Body Beneath The Flagstones And Other [...]

Battered Body Beneath The Flagstones And Other [...] (Hardcover)

Author: Michelle Morgan


Like their modern counterparts, Victorians knew how to love and hate in equal measure. The archives are brimming with stories of all kinds of atrocities, including husbands murdering their wives, suicidal lovers, and mistresses taking revenge on their love rivals. They range from the truly dreadful to the fairly ludicrous, but mostly they have one thing in common - bloodshed, and plenty of it. Dedicated to the crimes, perversions and outrages of Victorian England and the United States, this grisly book covers high-profile offences - such as the murder of actor William Terriss, whose stabbing at the stage door of the Adelphi Theatre in 1897 filled the front pages for many weeks - as well as lesser-known transgressions that nevertheless provoked scandal around the world.

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Title Battered Body Beneath The Flagstones And Other [...]
Author Michelle Morgan
Media Hardcover
Genre True Crime
ISBN 9781444839999
Published 01-02-2019
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