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Murder Of A Lady

Murder Of A Lady (Softcover)

Author: Anthony Wynne


Duchlan Castle is a gloomy, forbidding place in the Scottish Highlands. There, late one night, Mary Gregor is found murdered in her own bed. She has been stabbed to death - but the room is locked from within, and the windows are bolted. The only clue as to the culprit is a tiny silver fish's scale, left on the floor next to Mary's body. Superstitious locals mutter of half-man, half-fish creatures from the local waters. Inspector Dundas is dispatched to Duchlan to investigate the case. Luckily for him, amateur sleuth Dr. Eustace Hailey is also on the scene...

Full Product Description

Title Murder Of A Lady
Author Anthony Wynne
Media Softcover
Genre Crime
ISBN 9781444842128
Published 01-06-2019
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