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The Banker's Wife

The Banker's Wife (Hardcover)

Author: Cristina Alger


Annabel's seemingly perfect expatriate life in Geneva is shattered when her husband Matthew's plane crashes in the Alps. Clues emerge that suggest his death may not have been as accidental as it seems, however, and as Annabel investigates, she puts herself in the crosshairs of formidable enemies, forced to question whether she ever really knew Matthew at all. Meanwhile, journalist Marina is investigating Swiss United, the bank where Matthew worked. She uncovers proof of a shocking financial scandal that implicates some of the world's most rich and powerful, and knows she must expose it - whatever the cost. Possessing evidence so explosive that someone is willing to kill to keep it hidden, the two women find themselves caught up in an international conspiracy. Yet the real threat might just lie closer to home...

Full Product Description

Title The Banker's Wife
Author Cristina Alger
Media Hardcover
Genre Mystery
ISBN 9781444843842
Published 01-02-2020
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