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The Girl In The Water

The Girl In The Water (Hardcover)

Author: A.J. Grayson


THE FIRST BODY IN THE WATER WAS A WOMAN'S...THE LAST BODY IN THE WATER WOULD BE MINE. Amber adores her husband David and their dog Sadie, and her job working at a local bookstore. But when the body of a young woman is found in a stretch of river near their house, her world begins to collapse. The headaches she has been experiencing start to intensify, and she struggles to maintain a shaky hold on her own thoughts and memories. When Amber makes a chilling discovery in her home, she starts to doubt her husband and everything they have built their lives on. And as she probes deeper into the identity of the dead woman, the answers she uncovers will plunge her into a terrifying world where nothing, and no one, are what they seem...

Full Product Description

Title The Girl In The Water
Author A.J. Grayson
Media Hardcover
Genre Mystery
ISBN 9781444843897
Published 01-02-2020
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