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Seven Signs Of Life

Seven Signs Of Life (Hardcover)

Author: Aoife Abbey


What if your ability to manage your emotions was the difference between life and death? For an Intensive Care doctor, this is part of the job. Fear in the eyes of a terminally ill patient. Grief when you make a potentially fatal mistake. Disgust at caring for a convicted rapist. But there are also moments of joy, like the rare bright spots of lucidity for a dementia patient, or when the ward unexpectedly breaks into song. Dr Aoife Abbey shows us what a doctor sees of humanity as it comes through the revolving door of the hospital, taking us beyond a purely medical perspective. Told through seven emotions, SEVEN SIGNS OF LIFE is about what it means to be alive and how it feels to care for a living.

Full Product Description

Title Seven Signs Of Life
Author Aoife Abbey
Media Hardcover
Genre General Non Fiction
ISBN 9781444844160
Published 01-03-2020
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