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A Curious Career

A Curious Career (Softcover)

Author: Lynn Barber


A Curious Career takes us from Lynn's early years as a journalist at Penthouse to her later more eminent role interrogating a huge cross-section of celebrities. It is full of glorious anecdotes - the interview with Salvador Dali that ended up lasting four days, or the drinking session with Shane MacGowan. It also contains eye-opening transcripts, such as her infamous interview with the hilarious and spectacularly rude Marianne Faithfull. A wonderfully frank and funny memoir by Britain's greatest and most ferocious interviewer, A Curious Career is also a fascinating window into the lives of celebrities and the changing world of journalism.

Full Product Description

Title A Curious Career
Author Lynn Barber
Media Softcover
Genre Autobiography
ISBN 9781445099675
Published 01-03-2016
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