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Small Mercies

Small Mercies (Audio CD)

Author: Richard Anderson

Read by: Nicholas Osmond

After enduring months of extreme drought on their modest freehold, farming couple Dimple and Ruthie face uncertain times on more than one front. Ruthie receives the news every woman dreads. Meanwhile, Wally Oliver, a wealthy landowner, appears on the local radio station warning small farmers that they are doomed, and the sooner they leave the land to large operators like him, the better. Bracing for a fight on all fronts, Dimple and Ruthie decide to take a road trip to confront Oliver. Along the way, not only is their resolve tested, but their relationship as well. Desperate not to dwell on the past but to face up to the future, Dimple and Ruthie make a crucial decision they soon regret. And when the storm clouds finally roll in across the land they love, there's more than rain to contend with.

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Title Small Mercies
Author Richard Anderson
Narrator Nicholas Osmond
Media Audio CD
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781787824034
Published 01-04-2020
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