The Wheelwright's Daughter
Releases on 21st April, 2020

The Wheelwright's Daughter (MP3 CD)

Author: Eleanor Porter

Read by: Katherine Press

Can she save herself from a witch's fate? Martha is a feisty and articulate young woman, the daughter of a wheelwright, living in a Herefordshire villlage in Elizabethan England. Unusually for the time she is educated and so helps at the local school whilst longing to escape the confines and small-mindedness of a community riven by religious bigotry and poverty. As she is able to read and is well-versed in herbal remedies she is suspected of being a witch. When a landslip occurs - opening up a huge chasm in the centre of the village - she is blamed for it and pursued remorselessly by the villagers. But can her own wits and the love of local stablehand Jacob save her from a witch's persecution and death... A brilliant and accomplished novel that perfectly captures the febrile atmosphere of Elizabethan village life in an age when suspicion and superstition were rife.

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Title The Wheelwright's Daughter
Author Eleanor Porter
Narrator Katherine Press
Media MP3 CD
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781838895211
Published 21-04-2020
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