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The Other Woman
Releases on 13th October, 2020

The Other Woman (Audio CD)

Author: Amanda Brookfield

Read by: Emma Powell & Phyllida Nash

On a normal day, in a normal house, on a normal street, wife and mother Fran has had enough. She packs a case, leaves a note for her bullying husband Pete, and one for her beloved twenty-year-old son Harry, and heads to the airport - and freedom. In another house, on another street, Helena is desperately baiting her husband Jack into a fight. These days it feels like the only way to get Jack to take notice of her. Passionate, volatile, increasingly fragile, Helena is fast running out of hope. What Helena and Fran don?t know, is that soon their lives are going to come crashing together in ways neither expect nor understand. And if Fran and Helena are going to change their own futures, then first they will have to change each other?s.

Full Product Description

Title The Other Woman
Author Amanda Brookfield
Narrator Emma Powell & Phyllida Nash
Media Audio CD
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781838895846
Published 13-10-2020
Stock In stock on 13th October 2020