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Level Up

Level Up (Audio CD)

Author: Tom Nicoll

Read by: Julia Barrie

Videogame-obsessed Flo gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself INSIDE her favourite game. Turns out, virtual reality isn't as much fun when it's not so virtual. When Flo's engineer mum creates a device that will make her image appear in her videogames, Flo can't wait to use it! Ignoring her mum's warnings that it's not ready, Flo accidentally transports herself into the game, along with her not-so-keen-on-videogames-and-wishing-he'd-stayed-home best friend Max. Immersed in the world of Star Smasher, they not only have to face armies of soldiers, but also the very real possibility that there may not be a way out...

Part of the Level Up series.

Full Product Description

Title Level Up
Author Tom Nicoll
Narrator Julia Barrie
Media Audio CD
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781839630286
Published 01-02-2020
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